Open Education Awards for Excellence Committee

Charge: The OE Awards Committee oversees the administration of the Open Education Awards for Excellence. Members may include previous award recipients as well as other outstanding representatives from the open education community.

The main responsibility of the committee is to gather yearly (online) to review and evaluate nominations to determine the best qualifiers for each award category. The Awards Committee compiles a list of finalists and forwards it to a voting panel and board of directors to make final decisions. Awards are announced at the Open Education Global Conference.

Even though the most active months for the committee are between January-March, the committee sustains an open dialog throughout the year to keep the awards growing and relevant to the open education community. On going discussions may include how to promote and expand the awards, recommendations for new award categories or any other idea that may improve the overall experience of the awards for our community.

Board Liaison: TBA

Chair: TBA

OEC Staff Support: Marcela Morales