Course - American History 373 - History of the American West

The Michigan Education through Learning Objects (MELO) project is a cross-disciplinary collaborative effort that has worked over the past three years to facilitate the integration of curriculum-based sequences of online learning objects (LOs) that complement classroom pedagogy in large enrollment gateway courses. MELO's goal is to enhance student learning, engagement, and persistence in college through the use of these learning objects. The materials represented in this collection are from the third year (MELO 3D) of the project.

This award-winning project takes a unique approach to overcoming barriers to technology-enriched instruction by involving students (undergraduate and graduate) in addition to select faculty and staff from across different disciplines as key collaborators. By training select students and faculty to find, evaluate, adapt, create, and integrate LOs, the project facilitates the incorporation of high quality interdisciplinary and discipline-specific LOs into the curricula.

The Open.Michigan collection serves as a central repository for materials created in association with the Michigan Education through Learning Objects project. The Materials tab contains training materials from the start of the projects, learning objects, survey instruments and conference abstracts from the project.

Author: Frank Kelderman, Michael Witgen, Michelle Cassidy
Organization: University of Michigan


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