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Ahrash Bissell, EdReady Project Manager


Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
United States


Native/near native level proficiency

Areas of expertise

Open Education - General
Open Education policy development
Open licenses
Business Models for open education
Fundraising for open education projects
Research in open education
Accessibility in open education
Assessment and accreditation of learning through open education
Awareness raising and outreach
Open Educational Resources
Authoring OER
Using/remixing OER for face to face education
Using/remixing OER for online education
OER project management
Instructional design using OER
Peer review of OER
Libraries and OER
Technology for OER
OER and workforce development
OER and lifelong learning
Open Access
Peer review in open access journals
Implementation of open access practices
Openly licensed content in MOOCs
Technology for MOOCs
Geographic regions of professional expertise
North America


Personal statement

Ahrash N. Bissell has been a part of the NROC Project (under the legal name of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education) since 2010, where he has managed the EdReady project since inception. Ahrash is also a consultant or board member on innovation in education and science for several projects and foundations, with special focus on science and math (STEM) disciplines, open educational resources (OER), and data-sharing. In particular, Ahrash seeks to build and test practical solutions to long-standing problems in realizing the theoretical benefits of OER, including digital-age publishing models, sustainable business strategies, effective marketing and implementation of OER and related practices, and better collaborative approaches to designing and sustaining open legal, technical and social innovations.

Prior positions include serving as the Executive Director of the education program at Creative Commons, the Assistant Director of the Academic Resource Center and a Research Associate in Biology at Duke University, and an Instructor at several universities. He has a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Oregon and a BS in Biology from the University of California, San Diego.