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Case van Kuijen, mr


Technical university of Delft


Native/near native level proficiency
Dutch, English, German,
Business level proficiency
Dutch, English
Conversational level proficiency
Dutch, English, German

Areas of expertise

Open Education - General
Oversight of open education at an institution
Implementation of open education policies
Open licenses
Research in open education
Accessibility in open education
Assessment and accreditation of learning through open education
Awareness raising and outreach
Open Educational Resources
Using/remixing OER for face to face education
Using/remixing OER for online education
Instructional design using OER
Faculty adoption of OER
Technology for OER
OER and lifelong learning
Open Access
Open Access publishing
Implementation of open access practices
MOOC instructional design
Openly licensed content in MOOCs
Technology for MOOCs
Expertise in a particular discipline
platforms: EdX, Coursera and Open2education
Geographic regions of professional expertise


Personal statement

As a former teacher transformed to an e-learning consultant and working in Education and Student affairs at the Technical university of Delft, I was at first sceptical of MOOCs. My first experience of a MOOC by Blackboard was very disappointing, mind-blowingly bad! It troubled my own view. Experiencing a proper MOOC myself as a student, in particularly an edX one, would verify my own opinion of this new phenomenon. For years now it has been difficult for educators to really get ICT working. I won’t bother you with all the reasons, but a MOOC finally gives the opportunity to get it working. Suddenly there is time, money and support enough to experiment with proper online education without the burden of business models. In advance I can tell you that I was feeling more and more ‘euphoric' but as ever we need to be critical. A MOOC appears to be another new branch of free online education which is, in my opinion, an ideal way for lots of students of getting educated just for fun or of building a proper resume in their own living space.

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