The Open Education Professional Directory

Joyce McKnight, Associate Professor/Academic Area Coordinator


SUNY Empire State College
Lake Luzerne,
New York,
United States

Areas of expertise

Open Education - General
Oversight of open education at an institution
Open Education policy development
Implementation of open education policies
Research in open education
Accessibility in open education
Assessment and accreditation of learning through open education
Awareness raising and outreach
Prior Learning Assessment, community organizing, course design, online teaching
Open Educational Resources
Authoring OER
Using/remixing OER for face to face education
Using/remixing OER for online education
OER project management
Instructional design using OER
Peer review of OER
OER and lifelong learning
Open Access
Open Access publishing
Peer review in open access journals
Implementation of open access practices
Facilitating MOOCs
Using MOOCs in formal education programs
Expertise in a particular discipline
social services, community organizing, adult education/prior learning assessment
Geographic regions of professional expertise
North America


Personal statement

OER has the potential to bring learning opportunities to all of the world's people, unite knowledge creators, build effective communities and learning systems, encourage lifelong learning and so enable people of good will everywhere to create sustainable living conditions for everyone. It provides a needed antidote to selfishness. Moreover, it is just plain fun to work with others in creating the future.

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