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Sean Connor, Community Relations


Saylor Academy


Native/near native level proficiency
Conversational level proficiency

Areas of expertise

Open Education - General
Open licenses
Awareness raising and outreach
Open Educational Resources
Authoring OER
Using/remixing OER for online education
Technology for OER
OER and lifelong learning
Facilitating MOOCs
Openly licensed content in MOOCs
Technology for MOOCs
Geographic regions of professional expertise
North America


Personal statement

My work experience over four years has given me broad experience in OER, open licenses, online learning (primarily asynchronous but also synchronous), and associated technologies, with strong exposure to the Open Access world. Professionally, I have worked with educators to locate and vet OER across the liberal arts spectrum and I continue to serve as a communicator and liaison between my organization and like-minded individuals, academic institutions, and other organizations.

My organization works with individuals, businesses, NGOs, and HEIs to disseminate open educational resources in the form of fully-fledged, self-paced online courses -- including courses that have been assessed and recommended for college credit. As a team/committee member and experienced advisor within my organization, my ongoing experience with OER and open education in particular covers a good deal of territory beyond areas of particular personal expertise.

The intersection of my former classroom teaching experience (secondary level) and my work experience drives an abiding personal commitment to and interest in the open world.