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Administrator: Certification and Accreditation

Now that you have decided to start an open education initiative at your institution, you might want to also consider certification and accreditation of OERs.

Are there any universities that offer credits for OER courses?

Saylor Academy has partnership with universities that will take credits earned by proficiency exams after taking an OER course from Saylor Academy. These institutions that accept credits through National College Recommendation Service are accredited institutions, and this is a cost-efficient way to earn college credits. OERu is a network of universities that aims to provide free education through OER courses. For a low fee, one can apply for college credits for learning with OER. Open College at Kaplan University is a learning portfolio system that also allows for credits. Also, there are some governments that are considering integrating OER courses to prior learning assessment system.

How are the certificates on OER used?

One example of a certificate issuing institution is FGV from Brazil. It offers a certificate of completion that a learner can print out, and more than one million has been issued. There is no data on how and where the certificates on self learning are used. It really depends on individuals to use it to strengthen one’s resume.

My institution will not be offering official credits or certifications. If it benefits self learners to have some kind of recognition, will open badges work as an option?

Open badges is a great option to start your recognition program. Rather than designing a recognition program of your own, issuing an open badge will allow the learner to gather all the badges in one backpack, making the learning portfolio more valuable.