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Students: Certification and Accreditation

Using OER as supplement to a course or as a reference is good. But it would be even better if you can get some kind of recognition for it. As the movement matures, we are seeing more open educational practices in different form. And we are seeing interest from government organizations to institutions to tech companies to come up with ways to recognize informal learning that occurs on the Web. Here is a bit of information on where we are with Open Education and certification.

I would like to receive credit for my learning via OCW. How do I do that?

OERs are learning resources that come in various formats. You might find granular learning modules to complete stand alone courses. In principal, they don’t come with faculty support nor college credits. However, we are seeing more programs that where courses offer certificates upon completion, and some others offer credits after an exam for a nominal fee.

Can I use certificates from taking an open course in my resume?

Of course. However, it is difficult to prove your depth of your learning by merely adding one line to your resume. Think about how you can show your proficiency in that area, whether it be showing some kind of portfolio or explaining during the interview.

What are the benefits of studying with OER when I cannot use them in my resume?

If you are familiar with job seeking processes, you probably are aware that what you can document on the resume is very important. However, it is also very important to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, and this kind of knowledge is not invisible to the eyes of your employer. You can read about how some people have been using their knowledge here.

Are there any universities that offer credits for OER courses?

Saylor Academy has partnership with universities that will take credits earned by proficiency exams after taking an OER course from Saylor Academy. These institutions that accept credits through National College Recommendation Service are accredited institutions, and this is a cost-efficient way to earn college credits. OERu is a network of universities that aims to provide free education through OER courses. For a low fee, one can apply for college credits for learning with OER. Open College at Kaplan University is a learning portfolio system that also allows for credits. Also, there are some governments that are considering integrating OER courses to prior learning assessment system.