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Students: Creating my own open contents

Can I create OER based on the classes I am taking?

Some students have asked for permission from their professors to create OER from a course they are taking. Talk to your professor about the license terms, format and where to upload the contents. dScribe from Open.Michigan has a program for graduate students who create OER. You can find the manual here FYI.


How can I push my institution to adopt OER?

Many students have contributed to their institution’s adopting OERs. They have spoken with relevant departments such as Educational Technology or Teaching and Learning Centers. Some have sent documentations on OER to their institution’s top decision makers and regional policy makers.

How do I create or use open content?

When you choose to use open content and modify it for your use, consider the license terms. You might be required to share the contents under same license terms. You can also choose to create open content of your own. In any case, here’s a short primer on what license options you have.

How do I add a Creative Commons license to my website?

Adding a Creative Commons license to a website or blog is easy when you follow simple steps outlined in this document by Open Michigan.

How do I attribute?

We use more multimedia and online materials, and it’s important to properly credit authors by attributing the source. Here’s a brief introduction on how to attribute. Take a look at Best Practices for Attribution by Creative Commons for more detailed how-to’s.

How do I license a recording?

Recording is so common now with smartphones and other portable devices. Whether it is an interview or a lecture, make sure you understand privacy of audience, use of third party materials in the recording, and limitations in use. Check out this guideline for sharing recordings.