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Faculty: Creating OERs

You might find creating OERs to be much easier than you first anticipated. Or, you might already have materials you can share with the “right” licenses. From simply digitized materials to carefully staged video lectures, OERs can add a whole new dimension to your teaching. It can improve your teaching method, and it can also improve student performances. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can create OERs.

What are some of the authoring tools used for creating OER?

If you are an individual looking into create OERs, think in simple terms. Creating OERs is digitizing your materials and putting an open license on it. If you are creating text-based OERs, feel free to use documentation and presentation program that you normally use. If you want to add voice to your slides, you can use Google docs, MS Office, Youtube. Here’s a list of tools you can use.


What is the best way to record my lectures?

Not everyone or every institution has the camera crew available to film and edit the lectures. This should not stop you from recording your lectures. There are some easy tools for individual teachers to use, if you are ready to try out some new tools. Here are  5 Digital Tools For The Flipped Classroom recommended by Teachthought.

What are some of the popular content management systems for hosting OER?

Looking at the members websites of Open Education Consortium will provide some insight into this. Some of the early adopters of OpenCourseWare are on eduCommons, an opensource CMS created specifically for open contents project. Many projects are on an opensource LMS, Moodle. Then there are quite a few wesbites that use custom made CMS platforms. There are also institutions that use Drupal and WordPress. If you are looking into modifying these platforms to use for your OER project, you should ask the community via our Forum in the Information Center.


Where do I post OER that I created?

If your institution does not have an OER project, and you would like to upload your contents, submit to MERLOT. Your materials will be in the database to be searched via MERLOT and Open Education Consortium website.


Can individuals participate in activities of the Open Education Consortium?

Open Education Consortium has institutional membership only, but that does not mean that one cannot participate in the community. One can reach out to others in the community via Forum in the Information Center, participate in webinars hosted by the Open Education Consortium, and even participate as a committee member for committees of ad hoc working groups. And of course, the annual Open Education Week held in March is an online event where all can participate and meet up with many others from around the globe.