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Students: How to use open licenses

There is a plethora of OERs you can use to supplement your studies. But before you use and share them again, please go through the questions and answers below on open licenses. You might end up with insights on how to create and share contents openly with the world.

What does it mean to have an “open license”? Does it mean that OERs do not have any restrictions in use?

Many OERs use an open license called Creative Commons license. Creative Commons is a “some rights reserved” license that lets the author choose the terms of use.

If I take very good notes in my classes, can I upload it somewhere as OERs?

You must talk with your professor to clear the legal issues on this. There have been cases where students’ notes were offered as OERs, but only with permission from the faculty and sometimes with permission and support from the institution.

If I have my own materials to share, how do I know what license to use?

You can select a license by choosing and combining license terms from Creative Commons. Here’s a primer on how to license my materials to share openly.

How do I cite materials I found on the internet?

Here’s how you can cite materials. And going through best practices in attribution will also be helpful.

I have my personal website, and I would like to add CC license to it. How do I do that?

If you want to allow visitors to your website to use and remix the materials on your website, you can add a CC license. Make sure you specify exceptions on third party materials. Here’s how to do that.

How do I license my recordings?

It’s simple. Here’s how.