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Policy Makers: Relevant Policies – Open Access

There are other movements that support the idea of “openness”, and there are also policies that support those movement. This section briefly outlines some of the policies on Open Access Publishing out there.

What is the Open Access movement?

Open access movement is about granting access and reuse rights to peer-reviewed academic research, and thus is very closely related to the open education movement.  Librarians manage journal subscriptions, and therefore have been actively involved in the open access movement. Recently, more librarians are taking interest in open educational resources, making efforts to include OERs in the library system.

What are some of the institutional policies around open access?

Let’s take one institution as an example. Harvard University was one of the first institutions to adopt a policy on open access publishing. Here’s a statement on what and why of the policy.

Here’s a sample of model policy with all the terms explained in detail.

And here’s a wiki from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society on Good Practice for University Open-Access Policies. There are resources on how to draft and implement a policy on open access.

Publishing in journals is important for any junior faculty’s career, and in some cases, you will see that open access policies offer waivers for some time.

What kind of arguments can I give for adopting policy on open access?

Disrupting the subscription journals’ business model for the necessary large-scale transformation to open access recently published by Max Planck Digital Library Open Access Policy White Paper provide a clear statement.

Where can I find more policy samples?

ROARMAP is a registry of open access repository Mandates and Policies.

How can I get involved with the open access movement?

If you are a researcher, the most obvious would be to publish with an open access journal.  And there are activities and organizations one can take part in. The Open Access Week is a yearly event during which institutions and individuals host activities to promote open access in their area. Open Access Week is in October each year, and participation may open doors to other activities.