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Faculty: Using OER in my classrooms

How do I attribute OERs used in my classes?

The first step in preparing your class to use OERs is to teach your students to properly attribute. Here’s a brief introduction on how to attribute. Take a look at Best Practices for Attribution by Creative Commons for more detailed how-to’s.

How can I license my created/re-mixed material?

Rule of thumb? Go with the more restrictive license. Here’s a video that summarizes mixing of two different licenses.  Creating OER and Combining Licenses

I want to make sure that there is no copyright infringement in my classrooms. Is there a course I can take on using open licenses in classrooms?

Wikieducator periodically hosts Open Content Licensing for Educators course for free. You can also browse through the course materials as a reference. You can also browse through course materials in a P2PU course Copyright 4 Educators. There are two courses: one for educators in the U.S. and another for educators in Australia.

What is Fair use? It does allow for more freedom with third party material, right?

Fair Use Doctrine allows for some use of copyrighted material in the U.S. Law. However, there is no set definition of “how much use” constitutes fair use. Based on factors such as nature of use and what portion of work is used, that particular use in classroom may be considered fair use.

This checklist is helpful in determining whether your use can be considered fair use. Please keep in mind that fair use (free use in small amount) is very different from open license (allows for use/reuse/remix) and exercise caution when using copyrighted materials.