2015 Year in Review

We at the Open Education Consortium would like to thank you for an opportunity to work together with members to contribute to the open education community. To show you what it was like for us in the year 2015, we have prepared an infographic. Click on the image below to get an overview of what activities we engaged in last year.
One of the biggest advantages we have at the Consortium is the global presence we have. Our member institutions, board members, partners, individuals who volunteer their time to participate in the Consortium activities, and staff members are literally, “all over the world”. Please take a look at the map below. The pins show locations of presentations that the board members and staff gave in the year 2015.
2015 presentations correct
Of course, this is only a fraction of what the open education community has done. We hope to pin your activities on a map some day as well. Please let us know what you are doing by emailing or talking to us on social media. We will share your activities with the broader community via social media (Twitter/FB @oeconsortium) or the Community Calls.