Course Title Language Details
1 fin kick English Details
1. Galactic Arms Race (GAR): Automatic Content Generation In a Multiplayer Online Video Game English Details
1 gram na liter ali po potrebi tudi več / 1 gram per liter or more when needed Slovenian Details
1. prioriteta: Znanost o življenju, genomika in biotehnologija za zdravje; 5. prioriteta: Kakovost in varnost prehrane Slovenian Details
1. Westworld: A Domain for Automatically Generated Narratives English Details
2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Nobel Lecture English Details
2004 Nobel Colloquium English Details
200 let Botaničnega vrta v Ljubljani Slovenian Details
200. Solomonov seminar Slovenian Details
2010: The Industrialisation of MT English Details
2014: Semantic Technologies in Large Distributed Organisations English Details
2020 Vision: SME Challenges for Collaborative Innovation for Product Service Organisation English Details
20 let mladih raziskovalcev | 20 years of junior researchers Slovenian Details
20-Ton Canaries: The Great Whales of the North Atlantic (Keynote) English Details
20-Ton Canaries: The Great Whales of the North Atlantic (Panel) English Details
21. Reinforcement Learning by Example English Details
21st Century Challenges to Management Principles and Practices English Details
22. Konabot English Details
22. Real Live Robot Learning English Details
23. The Sounds of Speech English Details
23. Using Entropy to Distinguish Shape versus Text in Hand-Drawn Diagrams English Details
24. Narratoria, an Authoring Suite for Digital Interactive Narrative English Details
24. News at Seven: The Future of the Future English Details
25. Penso BCI System English Details
25. Two Generations of Robots for Human-Robot Interaction Research English Details