The Open Education Consortium is actively recruiting nominations for members of its Board of Directors. We seek passionate educational leaders of high integrity who are committed to improving education worldwide through open educational practices. We welcome nominations from administrators, faculty, Presidents and Directors of educational institutions or other organizations that support the OEC’s mission and activities.

We hereby invite you to nominate candidates for Member of the Board of the Open Education Consortium (OEC). This year, 5 delegates have to be elected. Board Members whose terms are expiring are:

  • Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos (Brazil)
  • Laura Czerniewicz (South Africa)
  • Amanda Coolidge (Canada)
  • Yu-Lun Huang (Taiwan)
  • Peter Smith (USA)

The Open Education Consortium desires a strong, internationally diverse Board of Directors. Nominees from all regions of the world are welcome. This year, we particularly welcome nominations from Central/South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Please note the general responsibilities of Board Members:

The Board of Directors is charged with setting the strategic direction of the OEC. Board members make high level decisions concerning the mission, outputs, finances and services of the Consortium. Board members are expected to act in the best interest of the organization and its members in all deliberations.

The Board particularly seeks nominees with experience in fundraising and sustainability, membership growth and engagement, events and services, and operations including legal & finance.

Primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors include:

  • Determine and refine the OEC’s mission and purpose
  • Lead strategic planning and monitoring to ensure activities are in support of the OEC’s mission
  • Ensure adequate financial resources and retention of assets
  • Identify, support and evaluate the OEC’s Executive Director
  • Monitor the ethical and legal integrity of the organization
  • Orient and support new board members, build board capacity and set board policies
  • Promote the OEC and its mission
  • Commit to the full board term of two years

To fulfill its charge, the Board will hold four in meetings a year, two of which will be in person and two online. It is important that board members make every attempt to fully participate in all meetings. While substitutions are permitted if necessary, the substitute will not be allowed to vote on the Board member’s behalf.

The Board member’s institution is expected to cover the cost of the Board member’s travel to meetings and time that is given to the OEC.

Likewise, it is anticipated that Board members will serve as liaisons with various standing committees and work groups, and will represent the Consortium from time to time at various meetings and/or events.

The filing deadline for nominations is 13 February 2019 at 12:00 UCT.

To Nominate yourself or one of your colleagues, please fill in the webform at https://members.oeconsortium.org/elections/candidate/nominate/

For questions, please send an email to the OEC Board Nominating Committee: nominating@oeconsortium.org

Kind regards,

Amanda Coolidge
On behalf of the Open Education Consortium Nominating Committee