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Willem Van Valkenburg

President of the Board


Delft University of Technology
Location: Netherlands
Term: 2018-2020

Willem is manager Teaching & Learning Services of TU Delft. His department support all TU Delft teachers in developing open, online, blended and campus courses, provide teacher training and support teachers in the use of learning technology. He is part of the leadership of the Delft Extension School. He is also coordinator of all open education activities of the university.  He has participated in the Consortium since 2008 and since 2013 as board member of the Consortium.

Willem holds a Master of Science in System Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management of Delft University of Technology.Since March 2019, Willem is an elected board member of Delfland Water Authority. The water authority is a regional Dutch government body charged with managing water barriers, waterways, water levels, water quality and sewage treatment in the area of Delfland. Delfland Water Authority was founded in 1289.