Evaluation and Metrics

Key Points

  • Start with a clear conception of what you want to measure, and why. This will crystallize your evaluation strategy and methodology.
  • Measure Access (who is visiting, from where, and their profiles), Use (what they are using it for, and how), and Impact (what difference is makes).
  • Internally, measure process efficiency and faculty satisfaction.

Evaluation is important for two essential reasons:

  • Tracking the usefulness and usability of Open Educational Resources, and the efficiency of your publication process, will help you to identify and implement improvements to features and services, and will inform longer-term direction to keep your OERs relevant over time.
  • Measuring the use and demonstrating the impact of an OER helps ensure continued engagement of key stakeholders.

We recommend early planning for evaluation and measurement, including determining the appropriate metrics to measure, and tools and processes to implement, so that these can be built into your OER design from the start.