Scottsdale Community College Announces Release of New Versions of OER Math Materials

Scottsdale Community College (SCC), member of CCCOER at OpenCourseWare, is pleased to announce the release of new versions of its open resource materials for mathematics. Basic Arithmetic (2nd edition), Introductory Algebra (3rd edition) and Intermediate Algebra (3rd edition) were all released in time for the fall 2013 semester and can be found at the following website: (

These materials were created by SCC faculty and have evolved over the last few years to the form they are in today. Each workbook contains 12 lessons of content. Each lesson includes a MiniLesson (topic coverage via video examples and You Try problems for students), Practice Problems, and an end of lesson Assessment. The workbooks can be used as stand-alone resources for each class or can be using in conjunction with an online homework/assessment system called MathAS, also an open source system. (

SCC’s OER efforts have their early roots in the need for resources to support the learning of hybrid students outside of class. Creation of materials for these classes led to a department effort to create materials for all of the pre-college classes. SCC instructors worked for several semesters to write materials and create videos. In the spring of 2012, several instructors piloted the Intermediate Algebra materials and in fall 2012, all courses through PreCalculus were transitioned to the use of OER materials only.

Students are very receptive to the materials and appreciate the nearly $150,000 in cost savings for them every semester. Faculty have also been supportive of the new materials and generally feel that the materials provide adequate support for teaching the class competencies and supporting the work that is done both inside and outside the classroom.

For more information about the SCC OER efforts, contact Dr. Donna Gaudet at or visit the department OER page at

Front page of "Intermediate Algebra" by Scottsdale Community Colleg

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