Tufts University’s Biology of Water and Health MOOC Continues …

Tuft's University Biology of Water and HealthDue to the success of Tufts University’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “The Biology of Water and Health – Part 1,” offered in partnership with the Open Education Consortium and edX, Tufts will be offering two exciting online learning opportunities this summer and fall:

  • For all those who missed it the first time around, Part 1 of “The Biology of Water and Health” (4 weeks) will re-run on edX this summer starting July 7, 2015. Registration is now available at: https://www.edx.org/course/biology-water-health-part-1-oecx-ph241x-0
  • New! Part 2 of “The Biology of Water and Health” (5 weeks) will premiere on edX this fall, starting September 29, 2015. Registration for this course is available at: https://www.edx.org/course/biology-water-health-part-2-oecx-ph242x

Led by Tufts professors Jeffrey K. Griffiths, Public Health and Community Medicine and David M. Gute, Civil and Environmental Engineering, “The Biology of Water and Health” offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to public health and human engineering components involved in the provision of safe water and sanitation, targeted for both the general public as well as health professionals in a variety of fields. This course features expert lectures, discussion opportunities, case studies, field trips, and demonstrations.

Part 1 of the course examines waterborne pathogens, lead, and the vital role of sanitation and hygiene. Part 2 delves into complex social, economic, political, and scientific factors that influence how we approach these critical health and water challenges. (Part 1 is not required for those wanting to take Part 2, but reviewing material from Part 1 would be useful for terminology and introductory concepts.)

Registration for both courses is now open and we urge you check out this opportunity!

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