Handong Global University

Handong Global University (HGU) opened its doors of higher education in 1995 at Pohang, South Korea, the world's Capital City of Steel. Cognizant of the accelerated pace of globalization with the onset of the emerging IT age, HGU introduced many innovative programs in the undergraduate educational programs. It was the first school to require all students to receive leadership training and mentorship from faculty leaders in a team format. It required student to study English, Chinese, and computer during the first two years. It has also required them to double major in allied fields, such as language and international relations, business and economics, biotech and food science, electronics and computer, and so forth. For character development, all exams are conducted without supervisors. HGU was established with purpose of developing honest leaders who could think on a global scale and make a global impact.

Main Website: http://www.handong.edu/