eG is founded by like-minded entrepreneurs with special interest in the internet. Bespoke founders of have been engaged for years now in developing and marketing web-based apps, tools, software products, etc. with a strict focus on open source, data protection and security. Big data, "Yes, we scan!" and the absence of first and foremost fundamentally and intrinsically safe and secure web-based apps, tools, software products, etc. have led us to no longer rely upon what the IT-market already offers. By now we either develop our own software solutions that then really do meet our stringent standards in terms of data protection and security, or where it does make sense, we have software solutions exlusively developed by our standards for us.

We bring to bear the combined real world knowledge from our professions with entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving, personal coaching, sales, marketing, IT business development, coding and software engineering. Our team is and operates multi-lingual: we speak German, English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu and Malay.

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