Butte-Glenn Community College District

The Butte-Glenn Community College District is one of California's largest single campus Districts. Butte College is located 75 miles north of Sacramento and is nestled amidst a rural landscape of “buttes” in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The main campus is situated on a 928 acre wildlife preserve. Butte College is a regionally accredited community college which offers over 180 academic programs and serves 13,000 students each semester.

Butte College is a student-centered learning institution which provides quality education and support services that are continuously evaluated and improved to prepare students to be productive members of a diverse, sustainable, and ever-changing global society. We provide career and transfer pathways for students to become life-long learners and critical thinkers through the mastery of basic skills, workforce training, and the achievement of degrees and certificates.

Butte College has capitalized on its natural habitat to establish a culture of sustainability. In 2011, Butte College became the first college to become 'grid positive,' meaning that the College had the capacity to generate enough electricity from its solar arrays to fully offset its electricity cost. The College is home to 25,000 solar panels and has the ability to generate 6.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The College is a national leader for community colleges in sustainability.

Main Website: http://www.butte.edu