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OCW Consortium Webinar: Using Creative Commons for OCW

The OCW Consortium Webinar in August is on «Using Creative Commons for Open Educational Resources». If you are interested in finding out which Creative Commons license to use for different situations, please join us on August 5 at 10 A.M. EDT. Lila Bailey, Counsel of Creative Commons will give a talk, and a Q&A session will follow. The webinar is open and free to anyone interested in OpenCourseWare. No registration is necessary. You can join the webinar at http://breezemeeting.asu.edu/ocwc.

This webinar will serve as a preliminary session for the roundtable discussion to be held in September. The discussion in September will address the task of creating a guideline for using open licenses in OCW/OER. Many in the community have pointed out the needs of a guideline to be used for various forms of educational material at different levels of education. A working group will soon be formed in order to address such a need. A call for the working group participation will be announced in the next newsletter, so stay tuned!