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Webinar: Open Education and Policy

The November webinar is with Reuven Carlyle of the Washington State House of Representatives on November 18th at 11:30 EST.

Public education can and should openly license all digital educational materials created with public funding. Join Representative Reuven Carlyle to discuss what public policy makers can do to support the funding, production and adoption of open educational resources to increase student access and reduce student debt. Come join us for an insightful talk on Open Education and Policy .

About Reuven:
Reuven Carlyle is a husband, father and citizen legislator. Both inside and outside of politics he is a passionate advocate for foster youth, community service, and education. In the private sector Reuven is a technology, software and clean energy entrepreneur. He, his wife, and their four children live in Seattle, Washington. For more on what Reuven thinks about OER, check out his blog at http://reuvencarlyle36.com.

How to participate in the webinar:
There is no need to register in advance. One can join the webinar at http://breezemeeting.asu.edu/ocwc. Please have a headset handy if you would like to engage in the discussions by voice. Text chat is also available.