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Opening Up Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Open Education Consortium (OEC) is collaborating with Virtual Educa to foster the uptake of Open Educational practices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Virtual Educa is a multilateral initiative for education, innovation, competitiveness and human development sponsored by the Organization of American States. Its main objective is to promote cooperation, collaboration, and exchange of experiences and ideas among all the member states. Initiated in 2000, Virtual Educa creates a space for dialog and interaction in their ever-growing international symposium, held this year on June 20-24 in San Juan, Puerto Rico (http://virtualeduca.org/encuentros/puertorico/). The event gathered over 10,000 participants on site and more than 12,000 virtual attendees.

The Open Education Consortium co-organized an “Open Education Day” during the symposium. Panels, workshops and forums about open education were held throughout the day attracting 1,200 enthusiastic participants.

Contact for more information:
Marcela Morales, Open Education Consortium: marcela@oeconsortium.org