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First OE Global 2018 Keynote Announced

OEC and TU Delft are pleased to announce the first OE Global 2018 keynote, Erin McKiernan.  She is a professor in the Department of Physics, Biomedical Physics program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. She is a researcher in experimental and computational biophysics and neurophysiology, and an advocate for open access, open data, and open science. She is the founder of ‘Why Open Research?’ (whyopenresearch.org), an educational site for researchers to learn about sharing their work. She blogs at emckiernan.wordpress.com and you can follow her on twitter at @emckiernan13.

Session Title: Working at the intersection of open research and open education

Open education and open research are often discussed in separate forums as distinct concepts and activities. However, since faculty members are often both educators and researchers, these areas of open scholarship often overlap and have many principles in common. I will discuss these common principles, as well as projects I am currently working on that combine both open education and open research. I will discuss how this intersection can be especially important when working with undergraduate students in low income environments.