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Open Education Leadership Summit (OELS) Final Report Available

The Open Education Consortium (OEC) is pleased to provide this Open Education Leadership Summit Final Report. 

The Open Education Leadership Summit Final Report includes:

  • Open Education Leadership Summit background
  • Theme
  • Purpose / Goals
  • Number and diversity of participants
  • Program
  • Photos of venue, participants and roadmaps
  • Description of Roadmap design and planning exercise
  • Comprehensive listing of open education benefits and value propositions derived from personal roadmaps
  • Data on extent to which different types of open education are being implemented globally
  • Interest in partnering with others around giving, receiving, and collaboration
  • Collaborative roadmap summaries and links

The Open Education Consortium gratefully acknowledges the support of Open Education Leadership Summit partners, sponsors, and participants.

Feedback on this report, requests to support open education collaborations, offers to host a second Open Education Leadership Summit, and invitations to conduct local or regional open education roadmap workshops can be sent to feedback@oeconsortium.org.