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A note to the community regarding the Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence

I have been contacted by a number of parties interested in the outcome of this year’s Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence, and I wanted to post a general note to the community apologizing for the delay in announcing winners. We are running behind schedule largely due to my own underestimation of the time an effort required to undertake the program. I appreciate the efforts of all the nominators, the OCW staff, and the award committee members in supporting the process. I would especially like to clarify that the award program is run by voluntary efforts of members, and not the Consortium staff, who are not responsible for the delays.

We expect to be able to announce the site winners next week and the course winners at the May conference. I apologize for any difficulty this delay may have caused to members. I would also like to invite members to participate in the committee for next year’s awards; I will be forming the committee after the May meeting so we have time to review the process from this year, learn from the experience, and establish a more successful process for next year.

Again, I appreciate the community’s patience as we ensure that nominees receive appropriate consideration–the field of nominees is quite strong and it is a real pleasure to see all of the excellent OCW work from around the world.