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Webinar: Cloud-based video platform for OCWC member institutions and users

Jack Chang, Chief Operating Officer of 9×9 (www.9×9.tv) will present the recently launched 9×9 cloud-based video platform and its applicability for OpenCourseWare on Wednesday April 20 at 10 AM EDT. This talk is a must for those interested in leveraging the free services offered exclusively by 9×9 to OCW Consortium members to increase distribution and reduce cost associated with offering video-based OCW content. Any individuals who are interested in compiling open videos to curate a channel are also welcome.

The 9×9 video platform brings together content creators, content curators, sponsors, brands and end users by providing them with a set of standard-based technologies, tools and an open platform to aggregate, host, manage and distribute OpenCourseWare to a variety of end user devices including TVs, PCs, Smart Phones and Tablet Devices. OCW content will appear as a bundled set of TV-like channels on 9×9 and can be accessed and navigated by a viewer via a personalized program guide called the Smart Guide.

With 9×9, OCW content no longer appears as a pool of unrelated singular video clips but instead, one or multiple video channels organized into a user personalized channel line-up with continuous video feeds consisting of course materials as they become available. Related courses or new courses that need to be marketed can be bundled together and marketed with popular courses as a set. With 9×9, a user’s Smart Guide can be shared via a user’s social networks such as Facebook to allow OCW content to be virally spread to other students and independent learners around the world. Through the aggregating and bundling effect of 9×9’s Smart Guide, OCW courses can be discovered more easily and accessed more frequently, resulting in a greater degree of end user engagement.

9×9 offers to absorb the hosting, bandwidth and distribution cost of video OCW content for members of OCW Consortium. Tune in to this webinar to find out how your organizations can take advantage of the 9×9 open video platform to reduce your OCW operating cost, increase user loyalty and broaden the reach of your video OCW content.

Registration is not necessary. Join us at http://breezemeeting.asu.edu/ocwc on April 20th, 10AM EDT. The 20 minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A session to discuss how the platform can assist users and content creators.