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OCW Consortium Announces Inaugural Winners of Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence in Courseware Category

CourseWare Awards Announced at Annual Global Conference

The OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW Consortium) recently announced the inaugural winners of the Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence (ACE) in the Courseware category at the 2011 global conference in Cambridge, Mass. on May 5. The awards category recognized outstanding course materials in “video and multimedia” and “text and illustrations.”

“The courses that achieved the ACE Awards this year are representative of some of the best work being done in the opencourseware (OCW) global community,” said Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director of OCW Consortium. “They embody the commitment to open sharing that has allowed the movement to rapidly grow, and we are excited to recognize these higher education leaders for their accomplishments.”
The OCW courses selected for the 2011 ACE CourseWare category include:

Video and Multimedia
Metabolaspel, taught by Dr. Johan van Rhijn at the Open Universiteit (Netherlands)
Introduction to Pitch Systems in Tonal Music, taught by John Crooks at U.C. Irvine (United States)
Chemistry Lab, taught by Chemistry department and prepared by Instructional Technology Support Office at Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
Estructuras Matemáticas para la Informática – II, taught by Cristina Jordan at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)
Actividad Fisica para la Salud, taught by Pedro A. López-Miñarro at the University of Murcia (Spain)

Texts and Illustrations
Occupation Focused Conceptual Frameworks, taught by Matumo Ramafikeng at the University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Applied Multimedia Technology, taught by Chris Clark at the University of Notre Dame (United States)
Mitología Greco-Romana, taught by José Luis Ramírez Sádaba at the Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)
Técnicas de Animación Turística, taught by Mildred Acuña at the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Costa Rica)
Instituciones Básicas del Derecho Administrativo, taught by José Vida Fernández at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

The awards were presented at the annual OCW Consortium global conference. The course awards were selected by an awards committee populated from the Consortium membership. All “video and multimedia” winners were recognized for the substantial video and/or multimedia elements, while “text and illustrations” winners were acknowledged for the significant text and still/static photos and illustrations included.

The OCW Consortium Awards for OpenCourseWare Excellence are sponsored by KNEXT, a learning assessment and advisory service and is owned and operated by Kaplan Higher Education Corporation, a division of Kaplan, Inc., a world leader in education and training services.

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