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People’s Open Access Educational Initiative – Seeking Partnerships with Universities

People’s Open Access Educational Initiative – Peoples-uni – has been registered as a UK Charity (No:1126265) since 2007.

The use of Open Educational Resources and a volunteer staff, allows us to offer the education at very low cost so that it is affordable to people in developing countries. The tutors delivering this programme work in more than 20 countries, and range from Public Health Trainees (post-MPH) in the Faculty of Public Health training programme, through Public Health specialists and consultants, researchers and academics to the professorial level. Of the 126 currently active tutors, 23 are at the Associate Professor or Professor level at universities – mostly in the UK or Australia. All the learning material, administration process, marketing material and enrolment process are within Peoples-uni. To date, more than 1000 students from more than 40 countries, have registered for courses through Peoples-uni and 124 of these so far have enrolled on the Manchester Metropolitan University  (MMU) MPH programme with 30 graduates (and a further 20 due to graduate this semester).

Partnership with Universities.

We are seeking partnership with Universities to allow us to offer credible academic awards to our students and to develop further programmes and collaborations. A partner University might approve a similar validation process as that with MMU (whose partnership is being terminated by mutual agreement). This could be for the MPH programme, or for other academic awards such as Graduate Certificate programmes in areas of special interest – for example we have plans for Graduate Certificate programmes in Patient Safety, Chronic Disease interventions, Evaluation of Interventions, and Scientific Decision Making in health Care. For more information please click on the link below or contact Prof. Richard Heller: rfheller@peoples-uni.org

People’s Open Access Education Initiative

More about Peoples-uni: http://www.peoples-uni.org/