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Election process and results

Election results

Bylaws change

The name of the OCW Consortium will change to the Open Education Consortium (look for information on the roll out of the new name soon!)

Board election results

Elected to the Board of Directors are:

  • Sophie Touzé, Université de Lyon
  • Haruo Takemura, Japan OCW Consortium
  • Shih-Chung Kang, National Taiwan University
  • Mike Keppell, University of Southern Queensland
  • Mary Burgess, BCcampus

Full results are below.  Congratulations to our new board members!  You can still see the full ballot and candidate profiles here.

Overview of the election process

Each year, half the board seats become open due to expiring terms of current board members. The nominating committee solicits candidates for these seats. Each board member can serve a maximum of 2 terms, so some of the current members will run for re-election, but they still must be nominated. The nominating committee verifies that candidates meet eligibility requirements, and then submits the list of candidates for inclusion on the ballot. Candidates are able to fill out a profile to give background information and a vision statement, and these profiles are linked to the online ballot.

When the election period opens, online ballots are linked to the membership accounts of all members who are eligible to vote (members in good standing who have a signed MoU, and have paid membership dues or received a waiver). Members sign into their account to cast the ballot. Once the ballot is submitted, the link disappears and votes are cast.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of Institutional and Organizational members. Institutional members are accredited higher education institutions, and organizational members are any other type of organization that meets membership requirements but is not an accredited institution. Eligible members are able to cast one vote for each open board seat. This year, that was 4 Institutional seats and one organizational seat. Members do not have to use all of their votes, but they can only cast one vote per candidate (that is, they can’t use multiple votes for the same person). We sometimes also have a ballot for a change to the bylaws, as we did this year with the proposed name change for the organization.

Voting is open for two weeks. We typically send out two emails to members to vote, one to open the voting period and one half way through, as well as announcements in the newsletter and social media. Our technology director monitors the backend processes. Staff and board members don’t have access to the ballots or the results during the voting period. Once elections close, the results are sent to the Executive Director, the President of the Board and the chair of the Nominating Committee. Unless something arises that would delay certifying the results, candidates are notified of the results within 3 days.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the elections this year!

2014 Board Elections – Full results

Name change ballot
Ballots received: 79
Voted for: 74
Voted against: 2
Abstained: 3

Institutional board seat
Votes: 48, Sophie TOUZE
Votes: 41, Haruo Takemura
Votes: 32, Shih-Chung Kang
Votes: 30, Mike Keppell
Votes: 24, William Preston Davis
Votes: 23, Kelvin Bentley
Votes: 21, Stavros Xanthopoylos
Votes: 19, Alireza Rabi
Votes: 17, Pedro Mendoza-Arana

Organizational board seat
Votes: 35, Mary Burgess
Votes: 31, Catherine Ngugi
Votes: 13, Luciano Sathler Rosa Guimaraes