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Supporting Open Education through Policies – OER Policy Forum

The OER Policy Forum (14 April 2016) was a one-day event on OER policies organised by Centrum Cyfrowe and the Polish Coalition for Open Education as a satellite event to this year’s Open Education Global Conference. The meeting brought together 60 experts from 30 countries, with the aim of redefining policies that can support stronger open education around the world. We brought to the meeting advocates and activists, government representatives and educational experts, with the aim of sharing developments in their respective countries.

Participants of the Forum collectively developed a set of recommendations, on the basis of the “Foundations of OER Strategy Development” policy document (http://www.oerstrategy.org). These concerned 6 key areas of policy development: open licensing requirements, teacher training, repositories, copyright reform, coalition building and international cooperation. The recommendations will be available in July/August this year. We expect results of the Forum to help define a shared policy platform for the 10th Anniversary of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration and the 5th Anniversary of the UNESCO Paris OER Declaration, next year.


Alek Tarkowski (Centrum Cyfrowe): atarkowski@centrumcyfrowe.pl @atarkowski