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Workshop: How to improve Open Education with Openness for All? Towards a global joint initiative

ICORE and MOOQ invite researchers and practitioners

How to re-establish Open Education with Openness for All?

Towards a global joint initiative


Pre-Conference Workshop at EC-TEL Conference 2016
Tuesday, 13th September 2016 in Lyon, France

ICORE and MOOQ are joining forces and inviting all experts and practitioners to a joint workshop on Open Education for all: It will take place at the European Conference EC-TEL on Tuesday, 13th of September 2016 in Lyon from 9am to 1pm.

Globalisation and worldwide connectivity and online services are changing the world of work as well as all our societies and lives: They are setting challenges for life-long learning but also offering new opportunities for innovative (formal, non-formal and informal) learning. There is a huge need to change and opening-up education for the citizens of tomorrow.

Opening Up Education by innovations like online cooperation, MOOCs and technology-enhanced learning has achieved broad awareness and agreement supported by the UNESCO OER Declaration and new launched policy, e.g., by the European Commission and the Government of the Philippines. Nevertheless investment in education and training is decreasing in many countries despite the general recognition of its importance.

The vision and overall objective is the launch of a global joint initiative to facilitate and improve Open Education. An important milestone would be the re-establishment of openness as default as in the 60ies years of the 20th century: Supported by UNESCO IITE, OEC and other organizations from open education, ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Education (www.ICORE-online.org) and MOOQ, the European initiative for the quality of MOOCs and Open Education (www.mooc-quality.eu) are inviting all interested citizens and organizations worldwide sharing this vision to join forces.

As a further step, ICORE and MOOQ are joining forces organizing a joint interactive Workshop at EC-TEL 2016 to continue the first ICORE Workshops at ICDE Global Conference 2015 in South Africa and OE Global 16 in Poland: It will debate Open Education and its potential and impact in the societies worldwide with special focus on (1) re-establishing openness as default and on (2) quality dimensions and indicators for Open Education. As initial input, the latest policies, strategies and learning innovations for Open Education will be presented and afterwards MOOQ and ICORE invite all participants to discuss them and to work together on selected topics.

This interactive workshop will focus the guiding question: “How to improve Open Education with Openness for All?”. Currently the new copyright rules and regulations are hindering the free and open usage of published resources. Most educators are struggling with the legal restrictions and potential fees in offending copyright. Consequently good practices of Open Education are still rare and need more awareness, adaptation and re-usage as promoted and supported by the initiative MOOQ for improving Open Education.

Main goals of the interactive MOOQ and ICORE workshop at EC-TEL 2016 will be the development of a declaration draft as well as quality indicators for Open Education including the definition of related first activities: All workshop participants will work commonly and actively on these tasks that will hopefully be achieved and approved in consensus by all.

All workshop participants can share their visions and proposals, actively collaborate and discuss future strategies and activities to foster openness of education for all facilitating innovative learning in schools, universities and societies.

ICORE and MOOQ commonly hope that many interested participants and organizations will join the EC-TEL workshop to contribute and enrich our discussion for debating quality indicators for improving Open Education, developing the declaration draft and defining first activities to achieve the overall vision of Open Education for All!

This interactive workshop is supported by the following workshop organizers:

  • Christian M. Stracke (ICORE / OUNL)
  • Alexander Khoroshilov (UNESCO IITE)
  • Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos (OEC)
  • Esther Tan (OUNL)
  • António Texeira (UAB)
  • Achilles Kameas (HOU)
  • Bill Vassiliadis (HOU)
  • Cleo Sgouropoulou (TEIA)
  • Gérard Vidal (ENS)

More information about this workshop and its agenda on the following websites:

ICORE:   http://wiki.icore-online.org/index.php/ICORE_and_MOOQ_Workshop_at_EC-    TEL_Conference_2016_in_France

MOOQ:  http://mooc-quality.eu/mooq-workshop-on-quality-of-moocs-at-ec-tel

EC-TEL:  http://www.ec-tel.eu/index.php?id=748

About ICORE:

ICORE – The International Community for Open Research and Education

A new initiative is bringing together interested experts and stakeholders from the fields of open education and open research – ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Education (www.ICORE-online.org). ICORE is completely non-profit, requires no membership fees to join, and is open to both organizations as well as individuals. All ICORE members and partners share, support and strengthen the common objectives and activities for Open Research and Education.

Since May 2013, ICORE has been taking shape as the bridge between the two worlds of open research and open education. ICORE founders and interested individuals met on 15 March 2013 in Rome, Italy, to establish the initiative and to decide on the ICORE mission and future objectives within the topics of open research and open education.

As non-for-profit association ICORE is open for all organizations and individuals to connect and bridge Open Education and Open Research. Consequently ICORE does not demand membership fees and the global initiative brings together all active organizations from Open Education and Open Research to join forces. Currently, ICORE has around 300 members from five continents and is coordinated through regular online meetings and plenaries of all members. All information about ICORE, its objectives, achievements, meetings and WGs is available online at: www.ICORE-online.org

About MOOQ:

MOOQ – the European Alliance for Quality of MOOCs:

MOOQ is the European Alliance for Quality of Massive Open Online Courses, called MOOCs. The vision of MOOQ is to foster quality in MOOCs leading to a new era of learning experiences.

MOOQ’s mission is to develop a quality reference framework for the adoption, the design, the delivery and the evaluation of MOOCs in order to empower MOOC providers for the benefit of the learners. The main goal of MOOQ is therefore the development and the integration of quality approaches, new pedagogies and organisational mechanisms into MOOCs with a strong focus on the learning processes, methodologies and assessments.

To enhance the unique digital market in Europe, MOOQ will lead to new Q-generation of MOOCs that will be designed, organized and tested as qMOOCs. This will be done in close collaboration with all interested partners and stakeholders in Europe and beyond. MOOQ promises: We will make MOOCs better!

More information about MOOQ online: http://www.mooc-quality.eu

Associate Prof. Dr. Christian M. Stracke, Open University NL (christian.stracke@ou.nl)