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Machine Translation for Open Education

Dear Open Education Community,

Knowledge 4 All Foundation together with the UNESCO Chair in OER in Slovenia is testing a new machine translation service specifically tailored for educational texts from EN to 11 languages (9 European and 2 BRIC).

Now we need to test its performance, as we plan to offer it to the public and the community via an API. We’ve translated two open courses, a Yale humanities and MIT natural sciences, to cover a broader user spectrum. The MIT course had original subtitles, the Yale one had already automatically generated transcriptions and we assume the end translation quality would be different.

– http://videolectures.net/yalepsyc110s07_introduction_to_psychology/
– http://videolectures.net/mit801f99_physics_classical_mechanics/

We need your help to answer a short survey that is available under each video and at the top of the course. Your answers will help us understand how valuable this product would be to other users.

You can select the languages in the video player by clicking on the CC button.

For more information, please contact Davor Orlic: davor.orlic@ijs.si