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Paul Stacey
Executive Director

Paul joins OEC after five years as Associate Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons where he helped creators, faculty, students, librarians and the public generate a global public commons of knowledge and culture. While at Creative Commons he co-authored the book Made With Creative Commons – a book about open business models.

Executive Director Insights

Open Education Leadership Summit 2018

The last big event for me in 2018 was the Open Education Leadership Summit.

I’ve organized and hosted many events over the years but none were as innovative and ultimately engaging as this one. Below are videos and more context on its purpose, unique format, and outcomes.

Below are  links to the Roadmap Videos and two examples developed at the Summit, a personal roadmap and a collaborative roadmap.  

Roadmap Videos:

Video 1: What is an open education roadmap?

Video 2: What does a completed open education roadmap look like?

Video 3: How are individual open education roadmaps combined into collaborative roadmaps?

Example roadmaps produced at event:

Personal roadmap example

Collaborative roadmap example

Thanks to Richard Sebastian of Achieving the Dream for his artistic renderings of these roadmaps.

Participants joined together to create Collaborative Roadmaps for the following areas of shared interest:

  1. MOOCs – Peace and Conflict Resolution
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  3. Open Education Practices & Pedagogy
  4. Nursing OER
  5. Open Recognition & Badging
  6. Use of OER in Rural Locations & Global South
  7. Open Education Implementation & Culture Change
  8. Research on Open Education
  9. Open Education Policy & Advocacy
  10. Open Assessments
  11. OER Coaching
  12. Moodle.net
  13. Multilingual OER and OER for Language Acquisition

A number of people have contacted me asking if the roadmap is a resource I am sharing and wanting to use it for their own workshops. The roadmap is an open resource, licensed CC BY-SA, and you are welcome to use it. A .pdf of the roadmap that can be printed, folded and used for workshops is available here.

Additional feedback, offers to host and support a second Open Education Leadership Summit, and invitations to conduct regional open education roadmap creation workshops are welcome. Simply email me at paulstacey@oeconsortium.org.

A summary report of the entire event including participants, panels, and roadmaps is available here.

Special thanks to the great team of facilitators who helped with the roadmap activity at the Open Education Leadership Summit in Paris and our partners the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) of France, and the Ministry of National Education and Youth (MENJ) of France.


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