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National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Established in 2021, the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) is the outcome of a merger between the National Chiao Tung University and the National Yang Ming University.

Spread across nine campuses in five counties and cities, NYCU has a presence in both the Beitou District of Taipei City and the East District of Hsinchu City. It comprises 21 diverse faculties that offer a broad spectrum of programs – from humanities and social sciences to cutting-edge fields like space science and green photonics. Of its approximately 20,000-strong student body, 58.5% are pursuing postgraduate studies.

From its establishment, NYCU has focused on stability and integration, challenging traditional academic boundaries to encourage interdisciplinary research and development. Moreover, NYCU holds the distinction of being one of only four universities chosen for the Higher Education Sprout Project, spearheaded by Taiwan's Ministry of Education (MOE).

NYCU's contributions, particularly in Information / Communication / Optoelectronics Sciences and Technology, have notably impacted the global economy. The university remains committed to fostering a balanced and harmonious academic environment.

OER/OCW Website: https://ocw.nycu.edu.tw/
Institution Website: https://www.nycu.edu.tw/