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Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)- Florida State University-NWRDC

FLVC plays a crucial role in ensuring that Florida’s one million college and university students have the resources and tools they need to succeed.

The Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative (FALSC), a unit of the Florida Virtual Campus, operates the integrated library system (ILS) used by public college and university libraries statewide – 40 institutions and more than 150 campus libraries – along with a shared catalog FALSC provides more than 150,000 unique, digital archive and collection items and a statewide collection of over 400,000 online journals, e-books, and other valuable e-resources. In all, FALSC's products and services are available to assist nearly 1.3 million students, faculty, and staff throughout Florida.

OER/OCW Website: https://falsc.libguides.com/openfl
Institution Website: https://libraries.flvc.org/