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Tamkang University

Tamkang University’s "Triple Objectives of Education", which include globalization, information-oriented education, and future-oriented education, were established by the Founder of Tamkang University, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang. Dr. Chang states that “since TKU's founding, these Triple Objectives have formed the primary direction for TKU development". TKU's ultimate goal is to serve the broader community by providing its graduates with cross-disciplinary knowledge and international perspectives.

TKU now has four campuses: the Tamsui Campus, the Taipei Campus, the Lanyang Campus, and the Cyber Campus; and 8 colleges, with a total of over 28,000 students, more than 2,100 faculty and staff members, and over 230,000 alumni. There are three master programs provided by Distance Education, E-Learning Executive Master’s Program in Asian Studies, E-Learning Executive Master’s Program and E-Learning Executive Master’s Program in Digital Publishing and Archives Digital.

Institution Website: http://www.tku.edu.tw/