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Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) is the oldest university in Argentina and one of the first in the Americas. It has become an important center of not only cultural and scientific, but also political and social influence. In 1613 with the beginning of advanced studies at Cordoba Colegio Maximo institution, the precursor for the future University was established.
The academic mission of UNC is to train professionals in critical thinking, observation and initiative abilities, scientific vocation and consciousness of their social responsibility. This occurs within a framework that favors their active and full participation in the educative process.
The latest statistical survey in 2014 showed there are more than 106 thousand students studying at UNC. It is home to 9,500 faculty members and 2,900 staff members. Currently, there are 87 undergraduate, 192 graduate (105 specialty, 52 master´s and 35 doctoral) and 18 technical/intermediate degree plans offered among the 12 colleges and research institutes.

OER/OCW Website: http://www.ocw.unc.edu.ar
Institution Website: http://www.unc.edu.ar