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West Hills College Lemoore

West Hills College Lemoore is a community college located in the heart of California's Central Valley. Though WHCL is located in a small, rural town, WHCL serves a very diverse population of students and has institutional goals of providing equal access to all students despite socioeconomic background, location, disability, and/or ethnic background. The institution has a wide-ranging approach to improving success, increasing access and credential attainment of under-served, low-income populations. WHCL has been designated a Hispanic-serving institution with about 59% of the 6,386 students enrolled during the 2016-2017 academic year identifying as Hispanic. In addition to equity, access, and student success goals, the institution also has a long-term goal of reaching 504 transfers annually by 2020. In order to reach institutional goals, WHCL Academic Senate assigned a sub-committee with the charge of developing an open educational resources grant proposal in California (AB 798) and several key faculty have voiced their desire to move forward with this. WHCL has set a challenging goal of providing students with zero-cost OER courses for 100% of the general education transfer requirements for students by 2020.

OER/OCW Website: http://extranet.cccco.edu/Divisions/AcademicAffairs/OpenEducationResources/ZTCTechnicalAssistance.aspx
Institution Website: http://www.westhillscollege.com/lemoore/