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Universidad Tecnologica de Chile INACAP

INACAP is the only educational entity in Chile that has an Integrated Higher Education System, made up of the Technical Formation Center (CFT), the Professional Institute (IP) and the INACAP Technological University of Chile (UTCI). At our institution, a student can choose amongst studying first a two-year technical degree, then four-year professional degree or –if available- a five-year professional degree program in order to obtain an academic degree. This system allows our students to advance gradually in their studies and realize their maximum potential.

Our commitment with quality is not only reflected in our institutional accreditation, but it is also mirrored in our teaching model, in the employability of our students and in our infrastructure.

Another trait that differentiates us is our close ties with the production sectors. Our degree programs are designed with clearly described graduating profiles, which are adjusted to the current needs are the future challenges of the “real world.” The numerous agreements with trade associations and companies and the professional certifications bestowed upon many of our students by world-class companies bear witness to this unique approach of INACAP.

An additional fundamental ingredient to underpin our commitment with quality Higher Education of a practical and technical nature, clearly focused on the employability of our students, has been the continual expansion of our infrastructure, which includes the inauguration of new campuses throughout the country and the modernization of many other existing campuses as well as the ongoing renovation with technological equipment and laboratories of the latest generation.

We also have a growing network of international agreements that enable us to offer our students the chance to attend short courses in more than ten countries around the world for their knowledge advancement.

Institution Website: www.inacap.cl