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Midland College

Diversity and Inclusion

Midland College is committed to acceptance and inclusion. We embrace the value of diversity; the dignity and worth of all individuals; and the academic, professional, and personal growth of students and employees. In its 48-year history of welcoming those from various cultures, religions, ethnicities and creeds, we have grown and will continue to grow in every area including fulfilling the promises of diversity and equity. We believe education transforms lives and provides opportunities for all. We are dedicated to the development of each student from where they are with a focus on where they will be.

Mission Statement
Midland College serves West Texas through exemplary teaching and dedicated public service.

We prepare and inspire diverse students to start, strive and succeed. We strengthen community through educational leadership and collaboration.

Midland College provides quality programs and courses, relevant workforce development and continuing education, valuable personal enrichment and cultural experiences, and community and student-centered services.

Core Values
Upon establishment, Midland College embraced the core values of Faith, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom as evidenced by the College seal. To these, the following have been added:

Quality - learning experiences to help students achieve their personal and professional goals

Diversity - commitment to the dignity and worth of all individuals

Continuous enrichment - academic, professional, and personal growth of students and employees

Effective learning - preparation of students for roles as citizens in a rapidly changing global economy

Academic freedom - safe environment where competing beliefs and ideas can be openly discussed and debated

Stewardship - efficient, effective, and ethical use of public and private resources

Collaboration - introspection and communication predicated upon a foundation of mutual trust and support

Accountability - using a student focused, outcomes based approach to demonstrate the quality of a program (or college) to key stakeholders.

Institution Website: https://www.midland.edu


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