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Laredo College

The Laredo College 2018-2023 strategic plan, represents a culmination of broad-based discussions with all key stakeholders as well as a comprehensive review of key data elements. The goals and strategies outlined in the following pages present a comprehensive focus on students, partnerships, innovation, and transformation to guide Laredo College over the next five years.


Laredo College is a learner-centered institution transforming students’ lives through educational programs and services to fulfill the dynamic needs of its local, regional, national, and global community.


Laredo College aspires to cultivate a learning, teaching, and working environment that facilitates student success and promotes institutional excellence.

Core Values

Learner Centered: It’s all about students!

Realization of educational and professional goals.

Learning Connections: It’s all about partnerships!

Collaboration with all stakeholders.

Leadership & Change: It’s all about innovation!

Empowerment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Life Changing: It’s all about transformation!

Excellence & Innovation that responds to student and community needs.

Institutional Goals

Goal 1: Student Success

Ensure students have adequate access and support for the achievement, completion and success of their educational goals.

Goal 2: College of the 21st Century

Design and implement collaborative pathways to enhance student learning through innovative teaching and services.

Goal 3: Institutional Positioning

Optimize institutional positioning in response to community needs and uphold excellence in all programs and services.

Goal 4: Resource

Secure and retain appropriate financial, physical, and human resources to ensure continued and effective college operations and growth.

Institution Website: https://laredo.edu



During the COVID 19 pandemic, Laredo College decided to pilot with a select group of faculty an "all-inclusive" program. The advantages of the all inclusive program is that it provides students with an ebook at a discounted rate, the cost for the all-inclusive program is rolled into the student's tuition, and more importantly it provides students with access to course materials on day one within their learning management system.