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Moshe Rachmuth

I have been teaching in PSU since 2012. Earned my PhD. from University of Oregon (2010) Comparative Lit. MA Tel-Aviv University (2004) Religious Studies, B.Sc. Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1998) Computer Science.

My interest in open education started while writing a textbook and materials for a general studies undergraduate course that I've been teaching since 2017. It has materials about environmental studies, ethics, justice, logic, and economics that are innovative though simple. I share it freely with my students.

My original idea was to sell it to a textbook publisher. The more I think about the content of the book (ethics, justice) and as I see the cost of textbooks for my son, a freshman college student, the more I think that the rightful readers of my work, should get free access to it. If it can help improve the condition on this planet then it will be my contribution, and if it is not then why should students pay for it?

Institution Website: https://www.pdx.edu/profile/moshe-rachmuth


"All Roads Diverge from Ethics" An introduction to environmental studies starting with ethics. I teach ethics, and invite the reader to create their own ethical credo. With that credo they explore game theory dilemmas (the prisoner's dilemma, tragedy of commons...) after that they learn the empirical work of Elinor Ostrom, and finally how to put it all together to create positive impact on the environment.

Ethical Games I work with undergraduate students at Portland State University to create online games/simulations of the prisoner's dilemma that can be played not only strategically but also ethically. Date of first game out: end of summer 2022