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Andreia Inamorato dos Santos

I have been working in the open education field since 2006, and am passionate about the cause. I am the main author of the European Framework on Open Education (OpenEdu), and the author of many other Science for Policy and Technical reports of the European Commission, such as the Guidelines on Open Education for Academics, OpenEdu Policies, OpenCases and OpenSurvey reports. These are all based on extensive research and stakeholder collaboration in Europe, and across the world.

I have also officially represented the European Commission during the design and voting process of the UNESCO OER Recommendation. I have international experience on open education, having worked as an open education researcher at the Open University UK (2006-2011) for the OpenLearn and OLnet projects.

Institution Website: http://andreiainamorato.com/


OpenLearn is the OE portal of the Open University UK. I was the first researcher on the portal hired by the OU back in 2006.
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OpenEdu Framework and Guidelines This is the OE initiative of the European Commission
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ENCORE Project Invited expert on this European project focusing on OER ecosystems and repositories
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