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Lucy Walton

Lucy is the Scholarly Publishing Consultant at Western Sydney University, looking after all things open – OER, OA, and innovative scholarly publishing models. She is interested in advancing OA and in particular the Diamond route, use of blockchain to track authorship, assigning OER to ORCID iDs, indexing scholarly content against dedicated SDG MARC fields, and transformative publisher agreements which incorporate core author rights. Lucy is part of the Open Educational Resources Advocacy Project Team.

Institution Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luciawalton333/


CAUL Enabling a Modern Curriculum OER Project Drawing on learnings from CAUL’s open research advocacy, this project will develop and enact a plan for advocacy related to OERs, with a view to raising the visibility of the OER agenda and related issues. The project will focus on both local and national advocacy. The Project Team will deliver an advocacy toolkit for member institutions to use for local advocacy, and will plan and undertake advocacy at a national level. National advocacy will target the DVCsA and government.
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CAUL Procurement Licence Review Jisc has already proven that model licensing can be successful within a consortium framework. 99% of all JISC agreements utilise a Jisc models license. This project will utilise expertise in the CAUL collective to create model licenses more suited to CAUL Member Institutions. It will utilise that expertise to review licenses supplied by vendors. Jisc have confirmed that their model licenses can be freely used as a starting point for CAUL model licenses. The current Fast-Track license is based on a Jisc Model License. The group will also look at renewal processes to identify where annual agreements can be renewed on existing licenses, on invoice or addendum.
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Information Power SPA OPS: OA Model License Build on the principles agreed by Task & Finish Group 1. Taking the SPA OPS Model License (available at: https://www.informationpower.co.uk/spa-ops-project/) as a starting point, review and revise this as needed to align with the principles and in order for it to be easy to implement.
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