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Alexandra Okada

Dr. Alexandra Okada is a research fellow in e-Assessment at the Open University UK. She is also visiting honorary lecturer in Brazil and Portugal.  Previously, she worked as a consultant to the Association for Science Education UK and to the Secretary of Continuing Education, Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion of Brazilian Government; and a computer scientist at Johnson & Johnson and IBM Brazil. She holds a BSc Computer Science (Hons); MA (Education: Curriculum); MBA (Knowledge Management and Communication); Ph.D. Educational Technology. She has over ten years’ experience in technology-enhanced learning and assessment, working as Principal Investigator in various European-funded projects in ICT and Science with and for Society. She has been awarded by Microsoft, Brazil Government and Open Education Consortium.
Currently, Dr. Okada is the research coordinator the http://EngagingScience.eu  community with more than 15,000 educators and pilot studies of the http://TeSLA-project.eu  adaptive trust e-assessment system whose aim is to reach more than 17,000 students. Her interests focus on: SCIENTIFIC LITERACY (Responsible Research and Innovation, Inquiry-based Learning and Openschooling Data Science), COLLABORATIVE LEARNING (Knowledge Media Technologies, Open Educational Resources and Mixed Realities artefacts) and COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE (knowledge mapping, peer production and participatory media). Dr. Okada has published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers   https://iet.open.ac.uk/people/ale.okada#publications