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Allyn J Radford

Director, Education, Australian Computer Society
Principal Consultant, Transforming Credentials

Location: Australia
Term: 2018-2020

Allyn is an education and business executive experienced in innovative business models and infrastructure solutions. He has led projects in private enterprise and education in Australia, the United States, Mexico and South Korea. Allyn has been involved in the use of technology in learning for nearly 30 years. During that time he has worked for organisations such as University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Open Learning Australia (now Open Universities Australia), HarvestRoad, Cisco and consulted independently. He has been involved in the development of several learning technology standards and was a member of the Board of Directors of IMS Global.

In January 2014 Deakin University appointed Allyn as the inaugural CEO of DeakinDigital, a separate but wholly owned subsidiary of Deakin University. The mission was to create an entity that had the power to disrupt higher education. Allyn established a high-performing team and together they created the key business assets and infrastructure to change the relationship between credentials and work. DeakinDigital is widely regarded as the most advanced implementation of credentialing and is being successfully piloted by national and global enterprises, government departments and professional associations.

At the end of February 2016 Allyn moved on from DeakinDigital and has again established an independent consultancy, Transforming Credentials, to assist higher education institutions, professional associations and enterprises to navigate and implement the credentialing models that will continue to transform the relationship between old credentials (qualifications) and new credentials as the currency for career management. This occupies 40% of his time.

In May, Allyn joined the Australian Computer Society, as Director, Education. (60% of time) The Australian Computer Society is Australia’s peak body for those in the ICT Sector and has significant roles in building capacity, working with government in the best interests of the ICT sector and support innovation in ICT in Australia.

In addition to his employment focus, for many years Allyn has had a passion to use transformative models and open education to create new educational opportunities for emerging economies and underserved populations. Allyn is committed to finding new ways to attract greater support from enterprise and governments for the Open Education Consortium.

Allyn J Radford